Aphrodite Soy Candle

Aphrodite Soy Candle

In Greek mythology, "Aphrodite" is the goddess of beauty, fertility and love.  This tasteful yet sensual 5" geometric female torso is a stunning representation! The delicate angles beautifully deflect lighting from around the room and her aura is meant to bring out your inner Aphrodite upon lighting it.


Each candle is made with 100% natural soy wax for a clean burning experience. Burn time is about 1 hour - the perfect addition to "me time".


*Also available: Aphrodite Gold Soy Candle (with metallic gold flakes)



Creamy White


Scent Options
Gypsy Water
Sugared Volcano
Tanned Leather
Whipped Vanilla
Cactus Flower

Scent Descriptions

Gypsy Water- Refreshing smoothie blend of coconut, strawberry, pineapple, and grapefruit.  Delish!

Sugared Volcano- Sweet, sugared, tart fruit. Wonderful year-round scent!

Tanned Leather- Great guy scent or anyone loves toasty coconut and leather. So good!

Whipped Vanilla- One of my favorite vanillas - ever!  A classic with a hint of a floral undertone. 

Cactus Flower- Best Seller - sweet, honey, floral.  Amaaaazing blend!   

Candle Instructions
Because of it's unique shape, always tend to your burning candle.  Place candle on a heat-resistant plate that will allow for wax run-off.