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Never Get Stuck Writing An Email Subject Line Again

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

I sat there with a blank screen for at least 15 minutes knowing that I had to come up with the most epic subject line for this email.

But I just couldn't start.

What do I say?

What would make people open the email?

I've written thousands of emails. Why was I getting stuck?

Been there?


My biggest suggestion when it comes to creating your emails is to start with the actual body/copy of the email.

Figure out what your message is. What value you are going to provide your audience?

Use the P&S Method: Problem + Solution

What keeps your ideal clients up at night and what can you do to help them resolve this?

THEN work on the email subject line.

The email subject line is just as, if not more important than the email itself.

We are flooded with emails everyday. You need to make sure your audience is going to OPEN and read the great email you took so much time to create.

It should entice them.

It should make them curious.

It should trigger an emotion.

And if you're anything like me, you've likely been stuck trying to think of a reallllly good subject line.

Well, hold on to your keyboards because I found a really cool tool that gives you 700 subject line ideas in one click!


I always love sharing gems that I find and this is one of them.

Visit my friends over at Title Generator and type in a couple keywords that relate to your email and BOOM, 700 email ideas ready for you to use.

I'm all about original work, but these will get you off to a really great start!

Happy writing, fellow creators.

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