Hi, I'm Chelsea! I am a Marketing and Mindset Coach with over 15 years of marketing experience in a vast array of industries including education, finance, mortgage, medical and non-profit. I am also a WBFF Pro Fitness Competitor which demonstrates my strong mindset and disciplinary practices.

 My passion is helping others experience their own unique breakthrough moment-- the moment they realize the value of their natural skills and can channel these talents towards a rewarding income. The online marketplace is an ever-growing platform and I love helping 9-5'ers start making money online doing what they love!

The gold feather symbolizes the unique strengths and talents that each of us encompass. We all have that "one thing" that sets us apart. Discovering your gold feather will help you take flight into a fulfilling future.

I created Gold Feather Consulting to help those who struggle with marketing or mindset concepts to discover their inner CEO, pursue their passions and live a work-from-anywhere lifestyle. 


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