Ready to create a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility while putting money in your bank?

But first, does this sound like you...

  • You want to make money doing something that you actually love to do?
  • You're tired of working a 9-5 job and want the flexibility to make your own schedule AND stop living paycheck to paycheck?
  • You have a great idea for an online course, program or digital product but feel stuck and have no idea where to start?
  • You don’t feel like you're necessarily an expert at anything but you know you are being underutilized at your job? 
  • You want the freedom to work from anywhere and become your very own boss?
  • You scroll through social media and envy people making money doing what they love but don’t think that could ever be you?
  • You're worried about how you will make a living given the global pandemic circumstances?
  • You lost your job because of COVID-19 and want to find a way to make $ online?

If you said YES to any of these, this program is for YOU!

Inside this program you will learn:

✅How to create your very own online course, program or digital product.

✅How to monetize your unique skills and strengths in the online space.

✅How to set up a marketing and social media strategy to attract your first customers.

✅How to create the perfect offer that speaks directly to your ideal client.

✅How to create compelling content, set up your sales funnels, email campaigns, and all of your tech essentials.

✅How to launch your service-based online biz with confidence and peace of mind and begin making $ as soon as you launch.

I've know EXACTLY how you feel!

Hi, my name is Chelsea and I've been in your shoes! Maybe you're working at a job you don't like (9-5 soul crusher) or living paycheck to paycheck but you know there is so much more to life than the unfulfilling routine you've created for yourself. 

I can relate! I would frequently (and enviously) scroll through social media and see other people making money online. I downloaded so many freebies, watched endless hours of "how-to" videos on YouTube and helped company after company set up and launch their own marketing strategies. I thought, "Why the EFF am I not doing this for myself?". I realized I already had all of the answers and skill sets....I just needed a little accountability from a coach to get me there. 

And that is why I want to help YOU experience the same freedom that I am now experiencing!  I want to help you get "unstuck" and show you how you can monetize YOUR unique strengths and skills in the online space.  Because let's be real...the world is moving online indefinitely

I believe you visited this page for a reason. You’ve already taken the first step towards becoming your own boss. Sometimes we are looking for a sign....welp, this is your sign!  Are you ready to make a change? 

I love teaching others my successful techniques so they can enjoy the work from anywhere lifestyle, too!

Questions? Let's Chat!

Imagine being just 90 days away from bringing $5k, $10k or even $25k+ into your bank (per launch)!

This course is for newbie entrepreneurs who are⤵️

🥳 Ready to finally make a change in your life and level up to a better you.

🤴 Excited about the idea of becoming your own boss, making your own schedule and working from anywhere.

🎯 Prepared to put in the effort needed to launch like a boss.

😍 Ready to follow a step-by-step method instead of feeling overwhelmed or stressed trying to figure it all out on your own.

🙌 Willing to invest in yourself and your future, even if you might feel a bit nervous and scared to take the leap.

💻 Ready to start a side hustle or full time career during the best time in history to join the online space!

💰 Excited about the opportunity to finally make some cha-ching! $$$

Let's Take A Sneak Peak Into The Program:

Stop Scrolling, Start Earning equips you with everything you need to create and execute a successful launch.  

What's Included:

Biz Boss Training Vault

Gain access to the Biz Boss Training Vault! Inside you'll find over 50+ step-by-step tutorial videos and 50+ downloadable worksheets. Whether you're a visual, auditory or hands-on type of learner, you'll find a comfortable method for you. 

Private Facebook Community

Join a community of fellow entrepreneurs who are undergoing the same program as you. Use the group to collab, exchange ideas, share wins and challenges and help each other along the way. You'll make lifetime friends inside this group!

Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Chelsea

Every week you'll have live Zoom access to your business coach, Chelsea. She can answer any questions about your social media strategy, launch plans, entrepreneur mindset or anything program related!

Legal Counsel

Special guest appearance by a small business Attorney to help you structure your business safely and legally. Take the guesswork out of the equation and launch your biz with peace of mind!

Entrepreneur Swipe Files

Steal my profitable and proven templates for sales emails, project management, biz budgeting, social media strategies, marketing analytics, income forecasting & more! 

Lifetime Access

Not able to finish the program in 12 weeks? No problem. Enjoy LIFETIME access to this online biz course.  This means you can return at any time to watch these training videos and implement these proven strategies for every future launch, too! 

The cost to invest in yourself and your future: PRICELESS

The cost for the course⤵️

Paid in Full


One-Time Payment

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Pandemic Flex Plan


$350 Down Payment + 2 Monthly Payments of $350 ($1,050 Total)

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Entrepreneur Mindset

Learn how to shift your mindset from scarcity mode to abundant entrepreneur! No more scrolling your way through life & wishing you had a plan of action. We'll tap into your natural-given strengths and implement an effective plan that helps you monetize this energy.

Market Like a 6-Figure Boss

Steal my best social media strategies that instantly set you a part from the crowd. Warming up your audience is an essential part of the sales process and you'll learn exactly how to do this with my proven methods. From branding to lead funnels and social media hacks, you'll be marketing like a 6-figure boss!


Magnetize Paying Customers

Stop chasing leads and get ready to have them reaching out to YOU! You will learn exactly how to magnetize your ideal clients by establishing yourself as the authority and providing value that they've never experienced before.

Tech Essentials

Save yourself the stress of researching and selecting the best platforms to successfully set-up your business. Follow the step-by-step tutorials to instantly assemble all things tech (without needing prior experience). Think of this as your all-in-one tech package for setting up your online biz!

Create Sold-Out Offers

Learn how to package your offer in a way that's irresistible to your ideal customers! You'll get access to my scalable process that allows you to create income while you sleep. Forget haggling because your offers will sell out like hotcakes.


"Feeling very inspired after my coaching sessions with Chelsea. I was so impressed with her commitment, creativity and professionalism. I feel more confident in the direction of my future and am excited to kick-off my online biz! She helped to equip me with all the tools I need to make this a successful endeavor so I can quit my day job."